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SPINJET Coolant-Driven HSM Spindles

20K, 30K, 40K RPM for Small Diameter Tools
The new SPINJET spindles have been developed for use when high RPM is required for small diameter tools on limited RPM machines. The new spindles are for semi-finish and finish machining applications such as milling, drilling and grinding.

The system utilizes the machine tool’s existing coolant supply, driven by a high pressure pump (minimum 20 bars) as an energy source to rotate a turbine up to 40,000 RPM.

SPINJET is not intended to replace the machine’s spindle, but rather to upgrade the existing machine, providing improved performance, faster machining, better surface quality and extended tool life.

  • Reduced machining time - High table speed, thus faster machining due to high rotation speed
  • High efficiency - Up to 65% increased productivity compared to machining with the original machine with low RPM spindle
  • Energy saving - The machine spindle is idle while the SPINJET is in operation
  • High precision - Excellent surface quality due to optimized machining conditions
  • Plug & play – Easy installation on existing machines with no adaptation required
  • Extended tool life – As a result of optimal cutting conditions and strong coolant jet flow

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